Thursday, October 22, 2009


Each dinner begins with asking, "Gail, what's good?"

Gail does her homework. She visits blogs, reads online reviews, peruses local papers, talks to other foodies, and maybe even hides outside of restaurant kitchens taking copious notes.

Without pause she ticker-tapes, "Bacon wrapped dates and olives, fried goat cheese, asparagus tempura, white truffle and porcini deviled eggs, crispy brussels sprouts, grilled gulf shrimp and chorizo skewers, Catalonian flatbread, pulled pork empanadas, house-made grilled Merguez, and braised short ribs of beef." So, that's what Ann, Jessica and I go with. (Donna was out sick with a sinus infection.)

We all began the night at Alta's bar drinking their super punchy sangria. Gail swore she wouldn't need a second drink. Ok, I did too. An hour later at our table we over ruled our swearing off a second drink and each ordered a glass of Cava.

When we checked in for our 7:30pm res, instead of the hostess (who looked like Lisa Loeb enlarged twenty-five percent) saying, "Welcome, enjoy your meal,"  we heard, "We have to turn the table at 9:30pm." And then we were lead to our table situated in one of the nosiest dining rooms in Manhattan. I guess the sound level is specially designed to drive diners out in two hours or less as well as the easy-to-gobble-up, delicious tapas. And if that doesn't work maybe they crank up some Lisa Loeb tunes?

Since our last meal together, Ann had ventured into the world of brown dating, and Gail had been subjected to her sister's friend decreeing that she must wear shocking pink to her sister's bridal shower. Gail was aghast, "Who owns shocking pink?!"  Possibly clowns, Mary Kay reps and blind people.

No floosie dinner is complete without something breaking. As Gail was driving home the difference between Thai-American and Thai-Thai to Jessica, her arm hit her champagne flute. The glass shattered as it hit the table, Jackson-pollacking Jess's white blouse in Cava. Luckily it was white and not red.

We ended with four desserts.The most amazing were the dark chocolate liquid truffles. They tasted like they had been plucked from the interior of a warm car. Each exploded in your mouth with a fruity filling. Much tastier than new car.

9:30pm came and went without being given the heave-ho by our Lisa Loeb on steroids hosteess.

We're skipping November and regrouping in December when it's Gail's pick. See you Floosies then.