Friday, September 26, 2008

Molly Wee And The Rangers

"I know this is last minute, but I got free tickets to tonight's Rangers game. Wanna go?" Donna asks via cellphone.

"Can I call you back in five minutes?"

I hang up with my fellow floosy and look at my calendar. I'm supposed to go to an infant CPR class tonight. I call Donna back in less than sixty seconds and accept her invite. Let's face it, a Rangers game with Donna sounds like so much more fun than sitting in a two hour class and learning how to save my ten-month-old son's life. Ok. I'm a bad mom. But, I'm also a tired mom who has been on five job interviews in three days. I could use a break from reality. And the free tickets work with my unemployed budget.

I meet Donna at The Molly Wee Pub and order a glass of Cabernet. For a mere $6.50 I experience a smooth and spicy glass of red, which warms me up against the slightly chilly evening air. Actually, it's the bar's air conditioners set on Siberia. Donna enjoys a goto vodka cran for the same price. She shares her annoying day with me and I share my equally annoying past three with her.

I explain to Donna, "The interviewer asked, 'What did Jenn (recrutier) tell you about the job?'"
"That it involves writing for a catalog."
"No it doesn't"
"It doesn't?" I swallow.
"No. It's to write a marketing proposal for a new beauty website."
"I can do that."

Needless to say, I didn't get the job.

We down our drinks and head to MSG. Before sitting we grab a potato knish, pretzel and two waters. The potato knish tastes like the amazing mashed potatoes I had at Telepan for last year's Thanksgiving meal. During the dinner, I was six days from my due date and terrified of going into labor early and missing out on dessert. I rest easy eating the knish, knowing the only thing I may birth is gas. The warm pretzel is standard but perfect as we dunk it in shots of mustard. Our seats come with waiter service. I tell the waitress I'll have a glass of the Cabernet. She asks, "A double?" I've never heard of a double Cabernet. I imagine being served a pitcher of cheap red wine. I tell the server, "A single." Donna goes for a single vodka cran. When I get my Cab, I'm relieved I only ordered the single. It's like drinking Rubitussin. MSG's sommelier should meet with Molly Wee's.

I extract from my purse a bag of Autumn mix comprised of candy and Indian corn plus pumpkins. It's our first of the season and it's delish. Sugar upon sugar mixed with bad red wine. Mmmm... I hope I don't puke later. The candy attracts the two guys behind us. We give them each handfuls. And they give us their dinner recommendation: the roast beef sandwich at the snack stand. We're too full from our knish and pretzel, but next time for sure.

The Rangers lose to Tampa. However, I feel like a winner having enjoyed a wonderfully, cheap night out with my buddy. And I managed not to puke.

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