Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I was the first floosy to arrive at Scuderia, Donna's pick. There are some pluses to working in DUMBO, Brooklyn. You can get to West 4th Street in 20 minutes without breaking a sweat or talking to yourself. I hit the bar and ordered a glass of prosecco while I waited for the others. As I sipped my dirnk, I noticed a pair of sneakers hanging over a pipe that hung over the bar. Immediate fear of shoe dust falling in drink hit me. I scooted down to next seat.

Half an hour later and two and half glasses later, we moved to our outdoor table. We ordered the Salumi e Formaggi platter. Using an 'e' instead of the word and really transports one to Italy. Before moving on to listing the mains we wanted I threw in an order for the olives. I feared one app wasn't going to cut it.

Lo and behold the first item to arrive were the.... seven olives in a bowl the size of thimble. I imagined the chef figured a thimble would make the seven olives look more like twenty-nine. I quickly did the math at $5.50 for seven olives that's 79 cents per olive. Maybe I should start a math club? The olive I ate was fresh tasting and crunchy. If it had been a bad olive, I was prepared to ask for a credit.

Our main dishes included an assortment of delicious pasta dishes. I think you can't go wrong ordering any of them so I won't bother to list the ones we ate.

To end the evening on a sweet note we ordered the Tiramisu, Pizzetta con Nutella e Mascarpone and something else that was basically a sundae with a thick bottom layer of peanut butter stuff.

The pizza (I won't bother with the extra letters) tasted like a rice cake with Nutella. In other words the waiter could have sent over a vaht of Nutella and five spoons. As for the sundae thing, the restaurant should change their name to Sundaeria. One wasn't enough for all the floosies. As I went in for second bite, my spoon knocked the dish off the table and to the ground. Gail quickly and professionally announced, "We can still eat it." I'm sure broken glass chards covered in gelato are delish. However, I waved my drunken arm and explained the series of events and the waiter cut me off by saying he'd bring a fresh one.

The photo above isn't of the chef, but sure would be funny if it were.

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Gail said...

This is the Gail who was mentioned above. For the record, I was drunk too and the glass broke in a big chunk at the bottom! No glass shards even came CLOSE to the contents of that sundae.